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About Me


I’m Marcus Wilson, the creator of this course. And I would first like to thank you taking the time to click on this website. Now I’ve been a piano player for several years now. From Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, to River Flows In You, to La Campanella. I can play it all. But my journey to get to the place I’m in today, was far from easy.

It all started when I just finished my freshman year of high school, and attended a local summer camp. Prior to this, I had taken a music class in high school. But long story short, I wasn’t interested. I probably switched between the piano and beat production at least four times. And even when I was on the piano, I had no idea what I was doing. So fast forward to this summer camp, here I am sitting in a chair on my phone. And for some reason, I decided to walk up to a keyboard that we had.

I turned the power button on, and out of random I picked a pre-recorded song. I wish I could tell you the name of the song but unfortunately I forgot. Once the song started playing, I started acting like I was playing. I was moving my hands throughout the keyboard without actually pressing on a key. One of the staff members there said, “hey is that you”. I of course responded yes. And although he soon realized it wasn’t me playing. There was a brief moment where he actually believed it was me. So I actually played a couple of keys this time even though I didn’t know what I was doing. Then I don’t know what happened. But it was as if something clicked.

That same day when I went home, I immediately went on YouTube and started searching. Whatever it was that could help me learn how to play the piano, I was all for it. Eventually I stumbled upon a video for “All of Me”. Some people call it waterfall, others call it falling notes. But it was a video where instead of showing sheet music notes to the song. It visually showed the notes through green and blue lights. It was quite simple believe it or not. 

The next day music class was the first thing on my mind. And when it was time, I went directly to our keyboard. I would load one of those video up on my phone, and at the same time try playing what it was showing me to play. I did this for the whole class. Next day, it was the same thing. Right to the keyboard I went. After that, same thing again. Load up a video, and right to the keyboard I went. One day everyone was going on a trip to Six Flags. But I was surprisingly still interested in what I was doing, and rejected it. I decided to keep practicing in the music room.

Now let’s take a little fast forward. Instead of going to lunch in school to eat for ten minutes, then socialize and stay on my phone for the other thirty. I wanted to put my time to better use. These are all estimates. But in my sophomore year I spent about a third of my lunch time in my music room practicing the piano. Or in other words, 2,666 minutes. Junior year, I spent nearly all of it practicing the piano. That’s about 8,000 minutes. And in my senior year, I spent under 4,000 minutes practicing. In which all of that doesn’t include the time I spent practicing outside my music room. The reason I brought up these numbers is so you can get a stronger feel of what I mean. I was a guy who did a million other things. But I saw potential in me that I didn’t want to let go. So in order to fulfil it, I needed to put my time to better use. I was able to survive without eating lunch, so that caused no problem for me. But I see what you’re thinking.

I must’ve had help from my music teacher, or help from someone else. But that’s not true because I only had music class in my freshman and senior year. And by my senior year there was nothing that my school music teacher could’ve teach me that I didn’t already know. Also, I never had an actual piano in till my senior year. Whenever I had time I would always go in there to practice alone. It was just me, my fingers, and destiny. Some people took it the wrong way with me skipping lunch for the piano. Actually several did. But that’s life. People don’t realize fast enough how precious time should be valued. But I did, and from talent shows to events, I was able to showcase the countless of hours that I have put into the piano.

But only if there was a course. One that was simple, and cost effective. That didn’t try to force tons of unnecessary piano terminology into my head. I would’ve been where I was during my senior year of high school during my sophomore year. Mind you I was exceptionally good at the piano by my senior year. It doesn’t matter now since I’m good at it. But hopefully one day there will be one to help fast track hundreds if not thousands of people in their journey. But wait…THERE IS!

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